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Aktivitetstype: Physical challenge

Kayak Polo


Exciting and fun activity that requires both balance, coordination and communication, while at the same time having fun and challenging yourself.

Kayak polo is a wet activity where two teams of three active rowers and two reserves fight to score goals against each other. Our kayaks are suitable for the purpose as they are not very long, which makes them more maneuverable and easier to control in the water. For safety reasons, some of the active rowers must be carried home.

If you are looking for an exciting and different activity that will give you a fantastic experience, send us an enquiry!

Beach Games


Sun, summer and beach are always a good cocktail when we want to have fun and relax together.

Beach Games are about having fun together and competing against each other in entertaining activities where everyone can participate. Here you will challenge each other in all the well-known beach games, such as Beach Volley, Pole Tennis, Frisbee, Petanque and others.

The event is set up as courses in relation to the number of participants, and the participants register in advance for the tournaments they wish to compete in. This ensures that there is something for everyone and that the motivation is greatest.

From the start, the participants receive a common introduction and we then send them on to the activities they have chosen to participate in. At each activity there will be an instructor who gives guidance and helps to record results and decide the contest.

Beach Games can be advantageously used as a prelude to a Beach Party and can be supplemented with a sandy beach if it is not available on site.

Adventure Track


It requires a joint effort to complete this off-road race, which is full of exciting challenges and the opportunity to let go of all inhibitions and get really dirty.

We select a natural area with hilly terrain, where the chance of getting both wet and dirty is very high. In addition, there are a lot of built-in obstacles that test the participants' abilities to crawl, balance, crawl under and jump over as well as to overcome laid-out elements.

This is what characterizes Adventure Track, which is a modern off-road race where we take nature's own obstacles as well as some brought exercises into the running route.

The race is run as a team relay, where the participants take turns completing the route, which provides a good opportunity for the team to work with strategic considerations in relation to optimizing the result.

The length and design of the race is organized so that everyone has the opportunity to participate and so that each participant can decide the level themselves.

Bow Battle


Focus, cooperation and high pulse characterize this new discipline, where you have to fight to the last man. Bow Battle is, in all its simplicity, about taking down the opponent with a bow and arrow until one team no longer has players on the field.

The action takes place with high intensity and the participants are very focused when it comes to avoiding being shot and at the same time having to shoot the opponent themselves. In addition, each team must protect their target discs from the opponent's arrows.

The game is built around a course with different elements that you can hide behind. Each participant will be equipped with a bow and arrow with a rubber tip. Along the way, they must emerge from their hiding places to collect new arrows, which gives the opponent good opportunities to hit.

In order to win the game, it is crucial that the participants lay out a strategy for how they will win over the opponent and at the same time avoid losing too many players themselves. In addition, teams can only win by eliminating everyone on the opponent's team or by shooting down all of the opponent's goal targets.

Command Trail

Put the strength ratio to the ultimate test

When the physical pressure becomes too great, the sheep are separated from the goats and only the best complete the ultimate trials in the Commando Trial.

During training, elite soldiers are exposed to a wide range of grueling tasks that must test their abilities under pressure. The tasks are most often associated with physical effort, which requires a great deal of mental energy to complete.

Commando Trial is a challenging rope ride where we test the participants' personal brute strength, ability to think tactically and act quickly as well as function as a team. We have collected some of the best and most strenuous tasks which include rafters, rope courses, rubber boats, shopping lanes and lots of dirt under the nails.

Therefore test your skills as elite soldiers and be challenged on both strength and unity. All in a fun and not least physical way.

Company Olympics


It is not without reason that humans have always competed to be the best - We love to challenge ourselves and each other. We therefore let the participants compete in well-known sports disciplines that require precision, speed, strength and, not least, a winning mentality.

Company Olympics starts like all good competitions with a parade, where the competing teams have the opportunity to look at each other and jointly give the event a good start by lighting the Olympic flame, which must burn throughout the event.

Participants choose in advance between three lines; namely athletics, ball games and adventure. That way, there will be activities for everyone, regardless of what you prefer. The lines include, for example, shot put, long jump, running, volleyball, football, basketball, cycling, swimming, kayaking, shooting and more.

For each discipline, the participants receive instructions about the execution, rules and scoring, so that everyone has the opportunity to make a battle plan before each contest. In athletics and adventure, points are given for individual performances and in ball games as a team.

The number of disciplines is adapted to the duration and size of the event, so that there is time to both compete and get to know each other.

The event ends with a ceremony where a winner is chosen within all disciplines and from each line. After this, the event ends and the fire is extinguished. This part can advantageously be carried out as part of an evening event.

Hardball Target


The pursuit of the opponent is the biggest motivating factor, but the fear of being shot yourself is at least as great.

Hardball Target is an intense shooting game where participants must fight each other on a set course. You use gas-powered automatic weapons that shoot plastic bullets. It can be felt when you are shot and it therefore seems quite natural to avoid it.

The game itself is about choosing the right strategy and taking down the opponent first.

You will work as a team and must together find the optimal use of physics, weapons and ammunition as well as organize the effort so that the enemy can be defeated with the least possible losses. The chosen strategy will be decisive for the outcome and it is therefore important that the participants make a good plan.

All players will be equipped with their own weapon and safety equipment and it will all be controlled by a match referee.

Highland Games


The Scottish Highlands are known for their infamous warriors and macabre battles between clans. But when it has to be not so bloody, the highlanders have a completely different way of deciding the battles; namely the Highland Games.

We give you the opportunity to emulate the Scots when you compete in the most famous disciplines, such as Caber Tossing, Haggis Hurling, Fly Casting, Putting the Stone, Tug of War and many more.

A contest is therefore planned which requires both strength, precision, coordination and the right tactics. It is thus up to the teams to organize the effort so that the best possible result is achieved in each discipline.

The disciplines are conducted like an Olympiad and are divided so that you get to compete based on your individual abilities as a Highlander. Everyone can therefore participate, regardless of strength and physical form.

Highland Games can be held at facilities, by agreement, and only require large, open outdoor areas to be held. The match can of course be spiced up with a celebratory dinner, Scottish entertainment, etc

Firefighter Challenge


A high level of activity, concentration and focus on cooperation are crucial elements when competing in disciplines that are normally only handled by professionals.

The Firefighter Challenge is an exciting training course where it is about completing a firefighter course with both ladders, hoses and firefighting equipment.

Along the way, a number of demanding tasks must be solved, which include, among other things, breaking through doors, climbing with ladders, forcing obstacles, unrolling hoses, etc.

In addition, some of the tasks burn and must be extinguished along the way. In other words, it is a challenging activity that requires cooperation, willpower and, not least, good skills as firefighters.

The entire scenario is run partly as small lessons in the methods that the participants must use and then the teams' own planning of the process. In addition to this, of course, is the competition itself, where the teams carry out in parallel with each other.