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Power is the most important energy source of the future and has a high risk of becoming a scarce resource if we do not adopt alternative methods.

Power Chasers is a unique competition-based activity, where it is about refueling as much power as possible, from sustainable energy sources.

In order to find the sources, the team must navigate around the local area and solve tasks that can give them the greatest possible benefit. It requires knowledge, ingenuity and not least a strong effort from the team to create the best possible result.

From the start, the participants are given their own man-borne wind turbine, which must be carried on their backs for the rest of the event. The mill will generate power as long as it can be kept running without too many stops.

Together with the mill, the teams are given an empty smartphone, which must be charged as much as possible along the way.

The participants then have to find their way using a hand-held GPS, which guides them to the power sources. At each station, a small technical task must be solved, which can contribute to charging the battery.

The technical tasks include, for example:

Water turbine
The participants must use a water-driven turbine, either by natural occurrence of running water, or by creating the flow themselves.

Solar cells
Here, the team gets the opportunity to top up power from the sun by finding the best angle to the light, so that the conditions are optimal.

Hand generator
Using a hand-operated generator, the participants must create as much electricity as possible with their own muscle power.

Human energy is an extremely powerful resource, but only for a short period when the participants take turns generating power from a bicycle.

Heat generator
The heat from a burning source such as wood must create the energy to generate electricity using a thermoelectric element.

You have to think both strategically and keep an eye on the time, so that the battery gets as much power as possible before the deadline expires.

When the teams return from the trip, the power level on the phone is read and the team that has accumulated the largest amount of power along the way wins the match.

The event provides, in a fun and motivating way, basic knowledge about some of the most used and sustainable energy sources and how effective they can be.





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