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The brain is an extremely sharp tool when we use it correctly. But how do you fully utilize capacity when it comes to being at your best under pressure. We train the participants to use each other's memory as one unit.

Memory Quest is a training activity based on tactical military principles where each team is forced to utilize their collective mental capacities to achieve the best result.

From the beginning, the participants are given an insight into how elite troops work and utilize their mental capacities to solve extreme tasks that sound impossible to ordinary people. We introduce the participants to simple and effective learning methods and train them to quickly acquire knowledge and store it in memory.

The participants must then, in teams, study a map with several marked points for a very short time, after which the map is removed. It is then the team's task to lay out a strategy for how they will remember and find each point in reality; that is, whether they can remember the locations by sharing knowledge and memory.

The task is timed and they only have 120 minutes. Before then, the team must return with as many found coordinates as possible. If they do not manage it within the time limit, it costs in the overall result.

The course is mentally challenging; in that the participants must find effective methods to remember locations on the coordinates as well as the observations they make at each location.





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