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Give it full throttle with remote controlled drones

The little flying wonders have taken over the world and the possibilities are enormous. Therefore, it is also obvious to challenge each other with a fun race through a course where you have to work intensely with precision and speed.

Drone Racing is a completely new discipline, where it's about getting to the finish line first on an obstacle course, where you have to fly over, under and through a lot of set up obstacles. Added to this is the challenge of controlling the drone using a remote control with multiple functions.

The competition is carried out as a team and is largely also about making a clear plan for the implementation and that all participants are involved in the solution, which requires a sharp eye from everyone on the team.

The participants receive thorough instructions prior to the task and are allowed to practice the skills before the race starts.

A big thank you to FIELDMORE for making our employee day a super experience. Super competent, funny, entertaining instructor - who made the experience complete. Thank you for that and I will not hesitate to use you the next time we have a similar event.
– Stephan Pors Knudsen, OPENING A/S
We had Drone Racing on our stand at the GOTO conference in Copenhagen. It was a draw beyond all expectations.
– Henrik Staalsø, 7N A/S





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DKK 6,320


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