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Employees in development create companies in development

We believe that developing employees create developing companies. Therefore, our primary goal is to hire employees with a professional approach and a positive attitude. Therefore, we have a wide spectrum of both permanent and freelance employees who possess many different skills, including management, mental training, project management, communication and strategy implementation.

We are proud to have a strong team of experienced employees who can tackle various issues and create excitement among our customers. We believe that it is our long experience and broad area of expertise that gives us the opportunity to create the desired benefit from any event.

We are the industry's most
innovative company

We are known for our innovative approach and our ability to develop new concepts that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. We are always looking for new ways to challenge and inspire our customers.

Our customers choose us because they want unique experiences and learning that motivates their employees and creates excitement. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our activities are fun and challenging, while contributing to a greater understanding and respect for the differences in a team.


FIELDMORE Courses & Events is a supplier of experience-based activities for companies throughout Denmark. Our expertise lies in planning and running events that are tailored to our customers' needs and wishes.

We focus on creating activities that promote cooperation, trust and respect in a team. We know that willingness and attitude are some of the most important elements in a good team, and we always work focused on helping our customers create enthusiastic employees.

Popular concepts right now

event support

Give your events that extra zest with exciting and effective activities! Our concepts are designed to create awareness and interest around your event, while being entertaining, energetic and visually arresting.

We offer tailor-made activities that fit perfectly with your event and that reinforce the message and make it a holistic experience. Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your guests will remember your event long after.

We can also help with planning, management and coordination of major projects, both nationally and internationally. So whether you're holding a trade show, a conference or a party, don't hesitate to contact us to make sure your event stands out and is a success!